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Nicki Minaj Does Some Booty Pics of the Day

I don’t like anything about Nicki Minaj…not even her titties…because she’s full of shit…her songs are annoying and she’s just some manufactured garbage on some Lady Gaga kick…only targeting god knows who….instead of god knows what…if you know what I mean….

Her outfits, her act, her everything is just so fucking fake….she’s went to theatre school….so you know how that is…

But I am not against her tweeting booty pics, of what is some serious booty, cuz she’s dumpy, cuz these are straight out of a video vixen’s social media pages…and they rock…not cuz they are the hottest but cuz they totally didn’t have to happen….she’s above this…already famous…god knows what she’s trying to prove…but I’m into her continuing to prove it.

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  • KY

    Did she not get a fake ass, a few years back? When she was still sucking on some producers rod this puppet had no ass. So many pictures of her flat ass & flat chest. Her 15 mintues aren’t up yet??!!

  • norm


  • Patricia Maguirre

    She’s went?!?!?!?!? to theater school?

  • Rocke

    She looks like a tranny, her ass is nasty, liking her is like liking a dude