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Shawn Johnson’s Gymnast Body of the Day

This is s fucking fit body…and as much as I generally think of fit girls as dudes….cuz I like my women to have no real muscle mass or fat….you know…starvation body….I fully appreciate the work that she’s put into this machine…seriously, she’s fucking ripped and for some reason that I call taking care of herself…I find it fucking sexy….but that’s probably cuz I married a fat pile of shit.

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  • Tom Brick

    Wow! It looks like she has been hitting the gym. If only she were 5 foot 7 and had more hips, she’d be perfect. The majority of gymnasts don’t have any hips. She doesn’t look anything when she was at DWTS.

  • Rosarch

    She and Hayden Panettierre are my fantasy midget fucks.

  • Travis

    An example of why you should pull your daughter out of gymnastics before she reaches puberty…