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Michelle Williams for Another Magazine of the Day

Michelle Williams is doing some modeling…for Another magazine….and I wish it was another model….

I had the misfortune of watching one of her movies the other day….thanks to a vagina I was trying to have sex with…and I could not get over how swollen and under allergic reaction her face looking…making me wonder if Heath Ledger knocked her up one night thinking she was Jake Gyllenhaal….in one of her medicated stupor….but more importantly…why the industry gives her work….and now she’s moved into fashion modeling…and it’s fucking confusing…but what is more confusing is that I am posting this shit….

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  • roscoe

    So there’s something wrong with Michelle Williams’ face now; but Cameran Diaz is still super hot according to you? Lay off smoking glue and drinking sterno.

  • aguard who says ni

    I’m guessing she gets great parts in because she is an amazing actor. She is doing this goofy modeling stuff because she is an amazing actor and magazines can make money have her around. I’m guessing you didn’t get laid. Why? Because you are a fucking moron.