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Miley Cyrus Gets High on Twitter of the Day

I love me some Miley…..I also love the fact that getting high is not a scandal anymore…it’s like society is collectively moving to a place less uptight and full of shit…where people are down with fucking, getting fucked up, and having a good time….instead of trying to keep up appearances or some shit….cuz there was a time not that long ago…when pics like this would have been considered a big deal….and now it’s like who gives a fuck…smoking weed is typical…let’s use that hollywood for something more fun, more luxurious, like what the fuck Miley….you’re rich as shit, why are you trapped in your LA mansion, when you could be sailing around the fucking world, or doing substantial adventures while getting high, instead of instagramming pics using stupid apps….I mean seriously….save sitting at home doing nothing like a prisoner for people like me who are trapped and too poor to do anything…what a waste of money….but at least she’s a babe….

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  • I appreciate that she’s trying to cover that fug looking head.

    About time, but bags work just as well.

  • smarterboy09

    That’s sweet. I’m sure the parents of her fiance are so proud and excited to have her in the family —

  • FunKiller

    She seems annoying as fuck already, imagine her high…….

  • joneses

    amazing how your thoughts on Miley Cyrus turned into a positive tone after all of the trash you were talking about her before. Don’t ge t me wrong, I love comedy on this site, just curious as to what it was rthat changed your mind.

  • Rosarch

    She is just a female Justin Bieber, even looks like him too. Well actually just another Justin Bieber since I am pretty sure he is a female.

  • dan

    cheap fugly worthless skank

  • Travis

    I like the one with the puppy.