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Hot As Fuck Naked Rihanna and Kate Moss By Mario Testino for V Magazine of the Day

I guess V Magazine is into recycling…because they just posted this Video
of Kate Moss and Rihanna from a shoot that was released BACK IN NOVEMBER 2012….

I guess they put money into this shit and want to milk it as hard as they can, hoping to bring it back for a second life with some content people haven’t already seen, you know especially now that Rihanna is the top of her fucking game….and as long as it involves two babes at this level naked and doing dominatrix shit…coupled with my bad memory of whether I’ve seen this shit before or not…since it is all kinda one massive blog post to me having been doing this for so fucking long….it feels new to me….

That’s the beauty of video…bitches get older and die off but their hot pics live on forever….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Imagine the stench that oozes off of them when together, cigarettes, lube and raw regret.

  • SlapHappy

    So where is the picture of naked Rihanna you talked about in the title?

  • Rosarch

    Middle aged model with a creepy old man mixed in, so sexy.