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Natalie Portman Sexes it Up for Miss Dior of the Day

Not all things that get you off need to be throat fucking porn…sometimes they can be romantic, elegant, lovely campaigns that are far less smutty and disgusting than what you are used to…but that star Natalie Portman, the Jewish dream girl…cuz it gives hope to Jewish guys everywhere that they will find a girl that looks like this….the Star Wars love interest all the fanboys pretend to marry….even though she’s married to some ballerina….who I am not all that much of a fan of, but figure she’s ok…better than most of these hollywood trollops and you know what…..it’s a nice change of pace…this campaign works for me and my perversions….

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  • Carlos

    A is for Aleph in Hebrew, well B is for Bastard C is for Can’t be Benjamin mellipegay baby. D is for Dumb Hollywood prostitute, E is for Everybody try and guess baby bastard daddy.