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J Woww’s Duct Tape Boobs for Gay Marriage of the Day

I didn’t know that this Prop 8, No H8, let the gays marry, even though every gay guy I know refuses to get married, cuz that marriage shit is for breeders and part of being gay is not being a fucking breeder….at least that is what I have been told…cuz I am only gay in prison and even that is not by choice…but by rape….prison rape….and it is horrible…

I guess it would make sense that these pics were shot two years ago when prop 8 shit mattered….and more importantly when Jenni JWoww mattered….somcethe Jersey Shore shit is dead in the fucking water….even though the cast still lives on…unfortunately….

The only good thing about this is that I hear Duct Tape bras are the gateway to staring in anal porn…and fuck I’ll watch any girl, implants or not, get down in some anal porn…you know cuz it’d be her supporting gay sex…in her own retarded way….

What it comes downto is that it is no surprise her No H8 pic is the most trashy of them…..and I can’t help but appreciate it….

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