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Mila Kunis for Marie Claire UK of the Day

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood babe who should be blacklisted like this was the McCarthy Era and she was a communist, cuz her crime is far worse that reading the Communist Handbook, and involves inserting Ashton Kutcher in her…..And sure he’s rich, successful, good looking….and all the girls want a piece…but Mila….Mila and him have something so special that no one would understand cuz they worked together when she was 14….in the equivalent of hollywood High School sweethearts….he is still annoying as fuck, polluted by Demi Moore’s demon forming vaginal juice….and up there with the person in Hollywood I hate the most and wish bad things upon…making her stock and sex appeal go way down from when I was writing her love poems….but I’ll still look at her as she Shows Off the Boobs That Belong To Ashton Kutcher…that he plays with, sucks on, and possibly has sex with….because ultimately…I don’t give a fuck who or what she puts inside her….it is irrelevant to me and I can appreciate lookin at her pics for hours and hours and hours cuz I got nothing much else goin on….

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