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Bar Refaeli in Bras for Youtube of the Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Youtube is a porn site….thaat more people masturbate to than actual porn sites….you know all publicly traded and billion dollar makin….porn sites…where the porn may not be hardcore fucking…but instead babes in bikinis, girls doing fitness half naked, twerk videos, wet t-shirt contests…and lingerie company promo videos featuring top models who I may think are overrated…and large…but still appreciate seeing them slutty in video peddling bullshit for 10,000 dollars a day or more….

This one is for Passionata. The company who picked up Bar Refaeli when Victoria’s Secret dropped her off their roster for what I can assume was her requesting more money…or acting like a bitch all cuz she had A-Lister boyfriends and a bank account exploding from the seams…

Who cares…this is hot….watch it.

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  • cowbulls

    She is giving Love Hewitt a run for best tits.