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Heidi Klum Playing with Bikini Models of the Day

It must be hard for Heidi Klum to accept that she’s no longer the prized hen at the fair….but is instead old, tired, a mom of her own army of mixed race kids that were spawned from some creepy German scat fetishes gone wrong….and a few illegitimate encounters for good measure….because as I see her on set of her TV show in Hawaii…she looks sad…that even when throwin’ out her huge, awesome cleavage, no one but the paparazzi were bothering taking pics of her…..I mean sure, she’s making money, but when you have all kinds of money, sometimes all you really want is a photographer to tell you you’re beautiful….or that you still got it….keepin’ busy or not…she’s a fraction of what she was and that’s a fucking downer…but at least there is always new blood, new body, to bring out the old…and bring in the new….like a never ending turnstile of talent I want to have sex with….because I want to have sex with everything vagina…even old, tired, sad Heidi Klum…cuz damn them titties b eHOT LIKE FIRE no matter how old they are….

Here are a couple pics of her on set.

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  • cowbulls

    Heidi might be the worst use of a top 10 body in history. She is obviously a slut so it’s a shame she didn’t fuck half of Hollywood like Aniston. Fuck that Seal asshole.