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Kelly Brook’s Failed Panty Flash of the Day

I get a lot of hate from “readers” who are actually just random people who land on the site randomly and take offense in me mocking Kelly Brook….which is funny because I barely know who Kelly Brook is and assumed the rest of the world felt the same way…..I mean sure she was in one movie…where she got naked and killed off…which was pretty big time for her….I mean it was a real deal movie in the theaters and not some gutter sex tape you’d think she’d belong in….you see cuz she is a big titty model…who got where she is by grinding out those big titties….and there’s nothing wrong with that…but there’s nothing really nobel, talented, interesting, or hard about doing that….so I can’t really respect all she’s done for the world…but I can stare at her tits….

The reason people get mad at me is because I mock her “miscarriage”….partially cuz I have no soul…but mainly because I am convinced it was an abortion…cuz her career was finally picking up in America…and a body like that can’t support the destruction having a baby does…..I guess those people who get mad…are people who have miscarriages of their own….sorry for reminding you of a horrible time in your breeding…

Kelly Brook was out at an event, flashing panty strategically for the paparazzi and it is safe to say it was intentional to get headlines in the media….

I just don’t really grasp why anyone would care to see her white panties, unless they were stained…or soaking…when you can just go through the archives and see HER VAGINA STICKING ITS TONGUE OUT AT US

But I guess what it comes down to is that she’s lovely…


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