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Rihanna Behind the Scenes for Elle UK of the Day

Rihanna is a fashion model now…all doing covers of magazines and shit…she’s come a long way from being a garbage man’s daughter sucking dick to get off her Caribbean island shanty….back when she was 14 and trapped that dude who sold her to Jay Z….in what must be a really insane story that we’ll never know….but we all know hotter girls, more talented girls, from more advantageous situations, who would love to be Rihanna…and aren’t…bringing up a lot of what the fucks…..

Love her or hate her for teaching girls to accept and forgive guys who beat the fuck out of you..I think she’s hot…and knowing she can throw down and not press charges…kinda makes her more exciting…not cuz I like the idea of beating women…just cuz I like the idea of Rihanna being beaten cuz she’s a fucking idiot who puts herself in situations and deserves it.

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