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Priyanka Chopra for Vogue India of the Day

Priyanka Chopra is so lovely and exotic….like a fruit your family buys on special occasions or when you are sick with a cold and they are hoping the vitamins get you better cuz your diet of creamed corn, canned beans, ramen noodles and margerine, booze and chips and cake….doesn’t really give your body what it needs…making her a welcomed indian (dot not feather) set of titties to stare at from Vogue India….cuz sometimes…you gotta look at what else is out there…international pussy…even if it smells like curry and the hallway of an immigrant filled building…and even if it is hairy and creepy looking…because this generation is about diversity….and luckily Diversity. even in another language, can still has a pussy and can suck a dick…right Priyanka Chopra?

If you’re wondering who Priyanka Chopra is…she’s in movies, was Miss World in 2000….and has a record deal….but her most important achievement is that I tried to masturbate to her 5 minutes ago…I like to help people.

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  • Haha

    Why would her pussy smell like curry? Does your ass smell like hamburgers and hot dogs? lol