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Priyanka Chopra Cleavage of the DAy

Priyanka Chopra is in some Bangladeshi photoshoot you’d expect to see on the walls of the convenience store you buy your beer at…owned by some Bangladeshi…showcasing his daughter’s wedding or some shit…

But apparently they are promo pics for the new Baywatch, that I fear people will see thanks to Marketing, but should never see, thank to it being pure fucking shit…there’s no way it will be good or worth seeing and the producers should be punished for their sins…not rewarded for a terrible idea…you know…

Priyanka Chopra is the answer…Miss World / Bollywood Star / Millions of Spam Bot traffic on social media of Indian call center workers who love seeing their own succeed, it’s the only thing I can imagine is responsible for that brown comedians success…INDIA…

Either way, great tits, makes me want eat vindaloo of of them….before shitting myself spicy…for the next week….Indian…goodness…in the WORSt shoot ever.

I like how her NAN bread on her back is bulging out…SEXy

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Priyanka Chopra in her Underwear for Glamour Magazine Pretending to be Diverse of the DAy

Priyanka Chopra is proof that America is trying to be diverse, inclusive, you know celebrate other cultures to not get called racists…MAGAZINE SO WHITE….

She is also the reason Baywatch hired her despite her average looking body – to be one of the characters – because as you know INDIANS are known for Beach Life and Life Guarding, just look at the great Tsunami that hit….fucking BAYWATCH… especial American Indian imports who are doctors and scientists…NOT LIFE GUARDS….

Priyanka Chopra may just be Hollywood trying to get money from Baywatch investment by filling India seats, a place people still go to Hollywood movies, they LOVE movies…with their big star…

Because if you can’t make it in America, outsource it…

She’s also been in bikinis in Miami the Last Few Days CLICK HERE

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Priyanka Chopra in a Bikini for some Baywatch Promo Targeting India of the Day

Apparently, in more promo for Baywatch, one of their stars is Priyanka Chopra…who is obviously huge in India, because she’s made her way over to America where she gets to star in this movie, despite being hot in a bikini….

As the people at Paramount will do anything they can to make it work, whether it’s casting the Rock, or some instagram influencers, they know to be ethnically relevant…even though never has there been an Indian from India (dot not feather)….to ever work the LA County beaches….EVER…in the history of Life Guarding…and if there was, she wouldn’t have looked like this.

I call this trying to get the Asians / Indians pumped on Color in the movie, to go to the theatres internationally, which is where people still go to movies…and where Hollywood makes all their money…

I am not buying this bitch is Baywatch material and I am still convinced Baywatch is shit….

That said, I don’t do enough posts on Indian (dot not feathers) on here, and they deserve some light also, as India is where all the fake traffic and likes on social media come from, we might as well speak to them with their local talent half naked….


Priyanka Chopra is also in a Magazine….what can’t these Indians do…

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Priyanka Chopra for NFL of the Day

I didn’t know NFL was making hoochie, stripper, ratchet bitch clothes, probably because I don’t give a fuck about the NFL or their attempt to outfit slut twerkers at the hip hop clubs but I am kinda glad they are…because there’s something that screams single mother grabbing her ankles and jiggling her ass for random dudes in the club she hopes will stepfather their shitty kids…and there’s just something about bitches who seek stepfathers that speaks to me…

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Priyanka Chopra for Vogue India of the Day

Priyanka Chopra is so lovely and exotic….like a fruit your family buys on special occasions or when you are sick with a cold and they are hoping the vitamins get you better cuz your diet of creamed corn, canned beans, ramen noodles and margerine, booze and chips and cake….doesn’t really give your body what it needs…making her a welcomed indian (dot not feather) set of titties to stare at from Vogue India….cuz sometimes…you gotta look at what else is out there…international pussy…even if it smells like curry and the hallway of an immigrant filled building…and even if it is hairy and creepy looking…because this generation is about diversity….and luckily Diversity. even in another language, can still has a pussy and can suck a dick…right Priyanka Chopra?

If you’re wondering who Priyanka Chopra is…she’s in movies, was Miss World in 2000….and has a record deal….but her most important achievement is that I tried to masturbate to her 5 minutes ago…I like to help people.

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Priyanka Chopra Hot for GQ India of the Day

I don’t do enough Bollywood coverage…considering half of the modern world are Indians (dots not feathers) and if I became the premiere website for Bollywood stars, I’d probably actually make a lot of money…don’t steal my idea….I want to be the only one big in India…with the Royal Palace treatment….with Harems and all the butter chicken I can eat…and I want one of my wife’s to be this Chopra bitch…cuz seeing her in leather…excites me.

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