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Miley Cyrus’ New Boyfriend of the Day

Recent gossip has been saying Miley’s boyfriend or fiance…which in and of itself was a fucking joke in the first place….has cheated on her…with first January Jones…and now Emma Watson….because I guess he’s into skinny girls who look like 14 year old boys….because it is less illegal that having sex with 14 year old boys….

Well, Miley was supposed to delete her twitter, has instead made statements like “I will only talk about my music”…cuz it’s al about the music man….cuz I guess she’s getting attacked by her fans and followers…or maybe…she’s just broken on the inside…cuz your boyfriend cheating you can cause distress and stupid behavior like writing shit about it on twitter…which will make her look like a bigger idiot than she is..

Now she’s posting pics of her with her new BF…a fat black kid who’s shirt is covered with cocaine….cuz sometimes…especially these sad times…when your joke of an engagement is in trouble…coke covered fat guys is the only answer…..at least that’s what I tell every sad girl I try to bone…sadness is the prime time for bad decision making.

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  • Tom

    Just come out of the closet already

  • Oh, Miley… cut the crap, you’re a lesbian.

  • He looks gay, I’m pretty sure he’s not her boyfriend, just her gay friend or something. By the way, is he hiding someyhing under his shirt? Is he fat? Is he preggo? Yiiiikes….

    With Miley is all about bad decisions, man. This Disney Whore got her 15 minutes of fame and now that she’s fuckin’ irrelevant, she keep doing this stunts.

  • Real Doctor not like Dr. Pepper Doctor

    Yo, Miley… make a sex tape.

  • bt

    She already has a serious boy-face problem and the punk hair makes it even worse. Grow some hair, you look like a dude!