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Pornstars Without Make-Up of the Day

The whole concept of pornstars always annoys me…only because I don’t think a girl is a star just because she fucks on camera for 1000 dollars…if anything she is the opposite of a fucking star…she’s gutter trash and that’s why she’s mistreating herself….not that I am against porn, I just think these girls are fucking delusional…

I have also been to the porn awards a handful of times, and have seen a lot of these girls in action, including Puma Swede, who grabbed my balls and who is in fact a fucking monster looking woman… and they are 99 percent of the time disgusting looking, you just don’t realize it cuz you’re too busy jerking off to them getting face fucked like the nasty little trash they are….

Well MELISSA MAKEUP from instagram, a pornstar make-up artist I guess, has posted some before and after make-up pics of some porn chicks, proving that they aren’t all what you may have thought they were…if anything they are what you’d expect ghetto trash who get fucked up the ass for 1000 dollars on camera….would be…damaged, disgusting, not a “star”…in any fucking way….but we’ll all still jerk off to them and that’s ok…

It’s an interesting project this Melissa chick has undertaken…awesome look into her industry…because despite me laughing at the before pics, I think she’s more into just showing off how good she is….and we can all agree that based on the before pics…she’s a fucking god….the same kind of god Kim Kardashian monster probably uses….

Smoke and fucking mirrors…..sure some aren’t that bad….but you can assume their souls are…

PS – Melissa is also a fucking babe…but that could all be smoke and mirrors too..

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The names of the pornstars are in the name of the picture….and some of these girls may not be pornstars…but instead just look like them…and if that’s the case…they are probably the better looking girls…who I accidentally downloaded without researching their work.

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  • p.manu

    Pussys dont need makeup

  • LolleyGagger

    Some do, there’s some scary gash out there.

    I believe the original word was “pornster” which was some how turned into the misused word porn star.

  • roscoe

    I’m more shocked that some of them don’t look bad w/o makeup.

  • Juan Schlomo

    Jesus christ… I’ve spanked it to some of these beasts. Now I feel dirty. Thank you for ruining porn forever.

  • Travis

    Most of these women aren’t attractive with or without makeup.
    I was actually expecting more sores & lesions so it’s not too bad…

  • XYZ

    more like meth faces….scums anyway

  • kristipoo

    Um.. what’s that “sore” on her lip there…?

  • Liz

    What is the name of the beautiful lady with pink hair!? I must know!! πŸ˜‰


    Yeah…some of clearly need a full year of rehab.
    That being said…Sarah Vandella looks “Suburban MILFy” without makeup. I’d still totally smash it.

  • There is such a big difference, its like putting on a mask.

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  • goddamn

    I’m just wondering if there’s a special kind of make-up, like a dickproof lipstick.

  • nonya

    Well first off 90 percents of these girls are not porn stars for a different reason….. there not famous, few listed on this list are called “pornstars” and look bad with and without the makeup. Not only that I hate to tell you but the hole makup transforming the pornstar from ugly to hot isnt just in porn, its in your grocery store, the gas station, ect. All girls hid what they really look like in our day, its just the new reality unfortunatly. But yeah the makeup artist picked the worst looking nonstars and picked there worst no makup and best madeup pics. So this changes nothing, let her come back with pics of some actual “pornstars” and show them looking that bad without makeup. The ones that become “stars” actually are hot without makup most of the time, atleast as much as a hot girl on the street is without her makeup. Oh yeah and puma sweede is disgusting no matter whats painted on her face, burn your balls off, there tainted at this point.

  • zoe

    woaaah, why are you hating on these girls? you’re not “against porn” but you are calling them “nasty little trash” etc. – there would be no porn without porn stars, why are you so against THEM if you aren’t against porn? some girls in porn just need the money. also, people like you are the reason so many women have no self-esteem and feel the need to cover their faces in makeup and stick their fingers down their throat – most women don’t look perfect without makeup, and calling them “fucking monsters” doesn’t help at all.

  • daaaaamn

    thats it I’m gay now

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