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Eva Longeria is On the Beach in a Bikini Of the Day

Eva Longoria is on the beach in South America…where I guess thickness is accepted…cuz girl is finally channeling some of her Mexican roots…something she’s been trying to oppress all these years from pretending her parents weren’t border jumpers….to growing up in white neighborhoods where she dyed her hair blonde and pretended she was just Tanned…never inviting anyone over to their fiesta for fear they would tease the goat in the backyard…..to hiring Mexican migrants to staff her house…but genetics…genetics can’t be fought off…if you let yourself got…and that’s why she’s starting to look like a typical Middle aged mexican woman from a tiny village who makes the best corn tortillas around for her 12 kids…..and if you’ve ever been to Mexico or an Authentic mexican restaurant…you know what I’m saying….


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  • biker mike

    ugly commie witch

  • Rosarch

    Suppress, not oppress dummy. lol