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Taylor Swift’s Kicks off New Tour with Some Concert Slutiness of the Day

Taylor Swift, a girl who you may have heard of, because she’s bigger than god…in fact I think more people care that she kicked off her “Red Tour” in Omaha yesterday, than they do about the new pope…you know…cuz she’s both bigger than Jesus and probably has more money than him…

Well she’s taking the right direction in her costumes as it turns out in her quest to be taken seriously, because everyone laughs at her serial relationships that are really just hook ups she’s wheeling, but pretends are relationships thanks to her PR team trying to make her vagina filling actions sincere and honest and ethical and moral…cuz they don’t want to tarnish her image…it makes far too much money and works…..

Because slutty fetish gear, showing off her thin legs, even for someone who isn’t a fan….is awesome….

Can’t wait til the empire bursts as they always do….when she realizes she’s got enough money and can drop the act….

It’s already starting. Ultimately, because all girls are sluts at their core…and if you don’t believe me….it’s a scientific fact.

Here’s a video – Don’t Blame Me for the Song….

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  • juanhunglow

    she should date bieber….think of the songs aaaaaaaahhhh.

  • Seano

    Why the hell would you even think of such an idea?! What are you, some kind of sado-masochistic sicko or something?!