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Joanna Krupa Hard Nipple Photoshoot of the Day

Joanna Krupa is keeping it classy, if you consider classy being a borderline pornstar, showing off her fake tits and hard nipples, like a pornstar, who would have been a pornstar, had she not landed the Dancing with the Stars gig, because prior to DWTS, she was at a standstill, that could have gone either direction to tend to the fire she had to be more mainstream famous, but her modeling nonsense for shitty magazines wasn’t cutting it but now that she’s a big reality TV star, she can go back to her roots of being a low grade hooker, all hot in photoshoots, and I’m not gonna hate her for it. The world needs vagina like this to keep me happy. Because the vagina at home sure as fuck isn’t.

[pics removed by maxim]

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  • Wholley Shyte Balls

    First off, this is my first and last visit to this site but I do have a question.

    Dude, do you even know how to construct a proper sentence while using the correct punctuation or do you just get off on writing run-on sentences?!? Trust me when I say this. It might sound good while its in your head but once you put it in print, its just a hot ass mess!! LOL

    BTW, I know my comment may include improper usage. I’ll own that but then again, I’m not the one who’s fronting as a writer!! Just saying… LOL

  • Woody

    My god what did she do to her face?