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Emma Watson is a “Natural Beauty” for James Houston of the Day

Emma Waston is wet and topless for James Houston’s “Natural Beauty” campaign and it is amazing. Even if she is Safe for Work topless.

Now, I didn’t read the paragraph I copy pasted about this “Natural Beauty” project by some guy named James Houston, but can assume it is some charity event or project for some cause that he has lured his celebrity friends to get behind, naked….because the whole concept is “Natural Beauty”, and luckily for you weirdos who have had a thing for Emma Watson since she was 12 and you couldn’t wait for her to turn 18 to make your fantasies less illegal, you’ll be happy to know, she’s part of it and here are the pics….

If you want to know more about James Houston’s Natural Beauty campaign :

Here’s the trailer:

Now Read this:

Launching in conjunction with World Earth Week 2013, Monday April 22, the NATURAL BEAUTY exhibition will run at MILK Gallery in New York and MILK Studios in Los Angeles. The exhibit will also be promoted through a number of events, including a public installation on the NYC High Line, a public panel discussion on the environment with leading politicians and public figures, and a web series on ‘The Making of the NATURAL BEAUTY Campaign’.

The NATURAL BEAUTY photography book will be published and launched in conjunction with the Exhibition. The book will compile 120 images of some of the world’s leading models and celebrities that advocate for environmental awareness, including Christy Turlington, Adrian Grenier, Brooke Shields and Elle Macpherson. Each subject was photographed with a simple natural object — for example drift wood, stone, coral or metal, or graphic images of natural objects — that depict human form with the beauty of nature. The book includes an introduction by Matt Petersen, President & CEO of Global Green USA.

I am sure it’s a good cause, like all charities, that spend 10 million dollars on events and infrastructure to raise 10.5 million dollars.

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  • none

    Looks like she’s covered in grease and semen, and she’s not really topless, either.

  • Tom