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Emily Ratajkowski Full Frontal Nudity of the Day

I think I’ve just experienced heaven.

I am going to write in my diary about this one.

Emily RatatatatatOWWWWWWWWW

My penis just exploded writing her name. This is a religious experience.

This pussy needs to be the new pope.

This pussy is the reason I write her love letters everyday.

This pussy is the reason I want to sing her love songs and go on picnics and forget all my worries as we hold hands and skip through the park.

This pussy is perfection. Sure it’d look good with some bush…but damn…I’m glad I see all it has to offer…

Thank you for sharing with us baby….I like to think you did it just of me. It’s more romantic that way.

Her tits aren’t bad.

Either is her face.

She wins.

These pics or this pic is from some recent photo exhibit by Samuel Bayer – The pic was life sized. I need that in my house to make love to and sleep with everynight until Emily acknowledges that I exist.

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  • qwerty

    Her pussy is incredible.