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Rihanna is Fun on Instagram of the Day

Rihanna is a lot of fun. Not because her tour bus got busted for having weed on it and some asshole was her fall guy, because he gets to work for Rihanna and she can’t go down for drugs, even though she posts pics of her smoking all the fucking time, pics that are far more fun because she’s also posting pics of her slutting out, whether licking some chocolate diamond or humping the air in her stage costume, to booty in underwear, it just never ends. She was rumored to be a hooker in Barbados, and old habits die hard, especially when she’s a hooker to the world now, selling her soul and low level talent to make a lot of people rich. This may come crashing down eventually, but I like watching it. I even went to her concert last week, sure it was for free, and I got more of a kick out of her stripper fans twerking, but I was still part of the movement and when I see her pics, I’m not ashamed of that…even if I should be.

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  • Dave From Delaware

    Im So Sick of this attention Whore I Hope Chris Brown Beats her to death so we dont gotta deal with her any more.

  • kasmol

    Is that a urinal cake she’s licking?