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Top 10 Celeb Hair Fails of the Day

Celebrities are clowns…and sometimes they hide it…while other times they remind us of it…puppets used to make a lot of money for a lot of people…and here are some examples of horrible hair cuts, the top 10 hair failed hair cuts, to remind you of just how much these drones do what they are told for a dollar….whores…they’re all whores…

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Here’s the list.

10 – Beyonce Got Rained On and Her Black Girl Hair Didn’t Survive, but unfortunately she did, because she’s the devil woman.

9- Britney Got Extensions After She Shaved Her Head, But Not Washing Her Hair Cuz She’s a Ghetto Dirt Bag with No Hygiene they Blame on Being Bi-Polar So It’s All OK.

8- Christina Aguilera Has Always Been an Identity Crisis, but this Cher Side Show Bob Shit is Next Level. She Should Probably Revisit this to make her fat ass look skinnier…fat clown.

7- Amy Winehouse was the perfect woman and her death is a tragedy, but that doesn’t mean this wig, hat, insanity is a win…even if I’d love to fill my bath tub up with it and eat my way out.

6- Scarlett Johansson is overrated as fuck, and I think her lesbian Fem-Mullet, even if it is for a role, lets her average at best looks shine…this hair looks great in prison. Makes me want to scissor.

5- Christina Ricci in some personal pics taken after getting her tattoo on her breast reduced tit, looks like a dude in a Seattle grunge band in the 90s, or less lady-like….this hair is vile.

4- Kelly Osbourne may not be a celebrity…but she is a fucking clown and this 80s bowl cut is so high concept it makes her triple chin shine.

3- Fergie may be pregnant now, despite rumors of having testicles, but her attempting to be a Chola in the LA projects with those bangs, is some funny shit.

2- Kaley Cuoco doing some Grinch who stole Christmas, Dr Seuss weirness, may not have been her everyday look, but it was a fucking fail…possibly the cause of John Ritter’s death on set…Seriously, she’s got a penis on her head. Good look.

1- Juliette Lewis is just a rat, who even at 17, reminded me of a heroin overdose and herpes outbreak. Corn Rows are always idiotic, but for some reason, she

I am sure there are worse celebrity hairstyles out there, from Weird Al, to Axl Rose, Helena Bonham Carter, to Billy Ray Cyrus….but who gives a fuck about those people….or about this list now get to work.

This post is brought to you by Revivogen


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  • This poll is biased.

    Miley needs to be on this list.

    Her current hair is worse than those pics of Mel Gibson, Beyonce, Britney, Xtina, Fergie, Kaley & Juliette Lewis.

    I like to think Kaley is making fun of the old school Miley look with that get up. But at least Kaley isn’t wearing a wife beater while rocking it.

  • Jennifer

    This was the biggest pile of shit I’ve seen on the internet in a long time – what a waste of 2 minutes.

  • Travis

    I hope this company is paying you good money for selling out so shamelessly…

  • Jace

    What the fuck is wrong with the guy who wrote this?

    I-A-B needs to stop directing the only traffic to this piece of shit.

  • CJR

    Wait…So Amy Winehouse was the “Perfect woman.” A cracked out hooker is your idea of a perfect woman? What the hell is wrong with you?
    And you follow this by saying Scarlett Johanssen is “Average at best”. Have you not seen the Avengers? I think you need to get your eyes checked!

  • DI

    You’re an asshole. I thought this was about hair, not your personal ragging blog. What are you? A Mean Girl?