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Jessica Kingham is the Glamour Model of the Day

Jessica Kingham is really not famous, not even as a Glamour model. She’s been in Loaded, Page 3, Nuts and Zoo, but no one knows who she is.

I’m not from the UK, so I could be wrong, and people may know her tits if they saw them in the VIP room at some cheese-dick club though….

I just base my facts on ignorance and twitter followers.

You see cuz I know sluts, and those sluts all have more followers than her, and they are not published, they just cam, sext and post titty pics all day in exchange for wishful thinking dudes will buy stuff off their amazon wish list.

I mean you’d figure if you’re exposing yourself, both on the internet and in magazines, you’d have more than 15,000 perverts following you waiting for me.

It’s like she’s failed at being an exhibitionist slut, and since I am a hero, I’ve decided to come in and give her a helping hand. Making her the Glamour Model of the Day

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