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Miranda Kerr in some Wedding Themed Victoria’s Secret Pics of the Day

Marriage is disgusting. The whole prison life sentence concept of marriage is disgusting. Having a fantasy built around girls in wedding night lingerie, especially from Victoria’s secret discount bin is disgusting.

If you’re marrying a bitch who can’t even shell out more that 5 for 20 dollars, midddle of the road suburban underwear on her wedding night underwear, or if you’re marrying a chick in anything but crotchless panties, or no panties, you’ve failed.

For some reason, Miranda Kerr, a married chick, dressed like she’s getting married a second time, cuz she didn’t have enough the first time, is not disgusting.

I guess when it comes to marriage, it’s not so bad if the bear trap is on some other suckers balls and you’re just movin’ in on the pussy while he’s busy avoiding her nagging bitch who he resents marrying ways.

This post has expanded my mind.

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