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Amanda Bynes Murders My Vagina on Twitter of the Day

I want Amanda Bynes to murder my vagina….my man pussy…..like she wants Drake to murder her vagina, because they are both identity crisis Child Stars, trying to make it in this cold, scary world after no one cares about you, only Drake managed to pay off the right people to get heard…while Amanda Bynes just keeps falling off, like all child stars, and it looks like fun. Especially when she shows off her titties.

I am ready for this behavior to turn into a sex tape career. Seriously.

It may happen, and until it does, here are some cleavage shots. She’s amazing, I’m a fan. I like the impromptu photoshoot, she should be a stepGIRL.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    whats everyones opinion? Amanda Bynes would be one of those amazing real life fantasy type sex experiance, or is this just an act? I cant decide myself honestly…. but there is nothing better than a weeked fuck session with a chick whose out of her mind. Nothing like fucking so much that by the time sunday night rolls around, your dick is raw, and youve dropped 5 pounds of liquid weight from ejaculating so much….

  • Travis

    I feel like she’s “death-watch” material…

  • Tomfoolery

    She’s being Smurfette in the last picture

  • We want King Of The Hill back!

    In the last pic she also looks stoned…

  • Fake boobs, huh? Wow, matches with her lame personality.