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Nina Agdal Models Lingerie Like It’s Her Job of the Day

Nina Agdal is a downs syndrome lookin’ model, who luckily has a fantastic body to distract me from some Corky fetishes I’ve once known too well. Not because I jerked off to LIFE GOES ON …but because I worked at a retard home and the girls were always masturbating, unable to really communicate well enough to tell on me, and luckily I got none of them pregnant in the process…it was a romantic time as an orderly, I get Downs like that..a romantic experience while changing her adult diaper before bed time….. Judge all you want. Haters gonna hate…

Enough about me…Here’s Nina in some lingerie making dreams come true…for her immigrant self as she steals all the American model work….

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  • Travis

    When you finally write a book I expect at least one solid chapter about your time working in a nursing home &/or retard homes.

    That’s some classic shit.