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Kendall Jenner Models for Harper’s Bazzar of the Day

As one of the Kardashian sisters is falling off, because like so many fat superficial fat chicks before her, she’s decided to use her pregnancy to mask her eating disorder, and taking eating for 2, something she’s been into pre-pregnancy but never did because she is on TV and people are watching, and her thick figure was already taking too much screen time….I’m talking fat as fuck, fat that won’t shed, and that will carry her into middle age looking like a bovine…..

The pimp mother has another one in place, younger, hotter, with just as much potential, and more opportunity than the half breed first batch. Not cuz this one is 100 percent white, but because the barn animal ones paved the way.

It’s just too bad this Kendall girl isn’t taking over after Kim Kardashian’s funeral, because like you, I’m ready for her to die.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    its amazing to me that this magazine used to be the epitome of class by having the likes of Grace Kelly on its cover and grace its pages… now they have trash like soon to be sex tape star Kendall Jenner and… Selena Gomez…