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Gretchen Rossi Bikinis of the Day

Gretchen Rossi must be a Real Housewives chick, I wouldn’t know, because I have never watched the show. I just know what a gold digger, or someone who associates with gold diggers, who have succeeded at gold digging, and who make up the upper crust of society, look like…..and that’s a gutter stripper, all full of Botox, fake hair they get done weekly, fake tits, and a fit body from the best trainers, personal chefs and a prescription pill diet. Because like strippers, they are just fucking broken and have no souls, they are just on the opposite side of the wealth spectrum, but on the same level of insecurity, trying to be hot and have sex appeal like a bitch from the 90s, when they Playboy shit is fucking done.

Sure, she’s looks ok in a bikini for a 60 year old, but that medicated look in her eyes, and that lack of soul that screams “I am a prostitute and I want to die”….doesn’t really turn me on. I only like when they look like this and are in the gutter, trying to pay for their next fix. The whole mansion, luxury vacations, fine dining, best designer clothes, fancy car component to her makes her totally uneventful….

But luckily for her, I’ll still look at pics of her in a bikini. Something that is every girl’s dream.

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  • cowbulls

    I’d be proud to nail her.

  • Travis

    The best was when she went to Cancun or somewhere with the rest of the women while her sugar daddy lay dying back home(he’s now dead)& when one the housewives called her out for it she was like, “He said he wants me to be here enjoying myself, not sitting by his side being bored”, or something.
    Yes I watch this shit.
    Kill me.