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Ieva Laguna Hot in Bathing Suits for Free People of the Day

Ieva Laguna is 22, has done Vogue 4 times, and was in the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. She’s now doing some shit for a brand called Free People, that involves her in a bikini, looking all fucking lovely and shit. Romantic, like out of a 60s photo album you found in your basement of your parents on summer vacation, that you were able to jerk off to, cuz your mom doesn’t look like that anymore, it was practically like thinking about fucking another person, those hard nipples, that bikini, those old cars and the instagram effects before instagram….only less creeepy and filled with a hot currently 22 year old, not one that has weathered into a muff gut, wrinkly dried up pig.

I’m into this Latvian babe. Latvia got all kinds of good pussy and that’s about all Latvia has.

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