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Kate Beckinsale’s in a Bikini Top of the Day

Kate Beckinsale has made a career on being this hot bodied babe that all the nerds fucking love. She got cast in one nerd movie, the kind of nerd movie nerds are totally loyal to, and collect every edition released in DVD form, two of each. One to watch and One to sit on their self, never accumulating any value cuz that is old technology, but there as a safety, cuz nerds are weird.

But I think she should have made her mark on the world as a mom who managed to not let that whole baby thing fuck up her toned stomach, or make men want to run from her mangled, shredded mom pussy, cuz even at 39, while standing with her 15 year old, a red fucking flag she looks fuckin awesome.

Here she is…now stare…while I got Easter egg hunting / hard drinking….

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  • cheeterbo

    my god, this woman is committing a crime. she needs to let us see her all the time in various states of undress.