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Vanessa Hudgnen’s $$$EX of the Day

So Vanessa Hudgens has finally made it in the world as the tramp she always wanted to be, you know back when she was posting nude pics to the internet, Spring Breakers was just a way for her to legitimize that, and the only thing that confuses me in the whole thing, is that if she’s so fucking horny, why doesn’t she work out a bit, cuz seeing her belly hang over her bikini is alright for a random drunk girl by the pool at 4 am you’re willing to fuck cuz you want to fuck, but not for a celebrity, especially not while filming a movie in a bikini.

That said, she’s launched a song with some dubstep sounding EDM producer called YLA, called $$$EX, milking the Spring Breakers shit, cuz it’s the only thing she’s done that has any “hype” around it, with people she wants hype from….and yesterday they released this video, that may or may not feature Hudgens, but that is pushing the horrible song, Harlem Shake Styles.

Possibly the worst, but girls in bikinis aren’t so bad, even when they are bad.

Please don’t buy this song or encourage this movement.

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  • shitdick

    over-rated beaner with a shitty body and minimal talent who doesn’t know how easily replaceable and generic she is. Kill yourself, you aren’t nearly as special and unique as you think you are.

  • Rosarch

    She is Filipino idiot, but the rest of what you said is fair.

  • Richard Inya

    I’d still fuck her.

  • OutOfTouch

    Hollywood shake?