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Heidi Klum Saves Her Son With Her Nipple of the Day

There’s some story going around about how Heidi Klum saved her black son, because apparently he got his ability to swim from his Father’s side of the family, but the more interesting side of the story, is that her big mom titty fell out of her mom bikini while in a moment of panic or crisis, because despite having 12 more kids to replace him, you know that she lined up in the event tragedy struck, like some kind of hoarder, at the expense of her vagina and its tightness, or a good planner…and the paparazzi, responded to the panic by taking as many pics as possible, cuz helping just leads to lawsuits in America, while taking pics leads to making unethical money.

Here’s her nipple, on a breast beat up by breast feeding so many times, like a dog you see at the dog park after one too many litters, and I dig it.

To See The Rest of the Pics
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  • cowbulls

    What a shame that one of the greatest physical bodies in history has the common sense of a trash can.