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Teresa Palmer Sexes It Up for Flaunt of the DAy

I’ve posted her Tampon String ….

I’ve posted her Bikini pics with Adam Sandler ….

I’ve even posted her Lingerie Pics for Esquire

And now I am posting these pics of her for Hipster magazine Flaunt, that may not be half naked, but that are less chunky and more amazing, because I guess she realizes that if she wants to be a sex symbol in American movies, with her accent and all, she better look good doing it, or at least be squeezed into a tight dress poppin her booty out while doing it.

For those of you who don’t know, I love Australian women. They are hot, fun, get drunk and don’t realize they are hot, cuz they are all hot. It makes for pretty fair game when tricking them into fucking you.

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