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Karolina Kurkova Making Faces for Elle Czech of the Day

Karolina Kurkova is my favorite model, turned plus sized and threatened to lose her job for being fat, because unlike working the cash at Walmart, modeling is the one job you can still fire a bitch for her gut without having letters written to head office, or media involvement saying you’re discriminating based on obesity levels, even though statistically, obese people are lazy and shitty for business. Only, Karolina Kurkova decided that instead of fighting them and making a scandal out of the evil corporation turning on her for being fat, she was going to do what was best for everyone involved, and that’s get in shape….so now, as she makes faces for Elle Czech….I can sit back and appreciate her for not giving in like so many other women do, she said “Slow metabolism, you can’t beat me”….and look how good it’s worked out. Take her advice all you fat bitches out there, cuz no one like a fat bitch. FACT.

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  • Joe

    Met her at the “Live Bait” bar on 23rd street down th estreet from th erecording studio. This was around 8 years ago she was very friendly and cool. –I usually hate all the eastern block eurotrash that have landed in New York City, recently. They are nasty and all “on the take” gold diggers willing to fuck any disghusting agentphotographer for money or work.