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Kate Moss Doesn’t Show her Nipples for Vogue Shoot of the Day

All I want for Christmas is Kate Moss.

I am a fan of her work. All her work. Even the way she works her coked up pussy on HIV positive needle sharing unshowered rockstar cock. Because she’s well traveled, perfectly gutter, and normally puts her titties on blast like shit is a shirt, cuz I guess if they see your tits once, let them see them again, it’s a more liberating life that way, one that I’m down with watching….even when she falls off every so often and forgets to show her nipples…like in this vouge shoot.

I’d say Kate Moss is the future, but that’d be a lie, she’s kind of more the past that I still get a kick out of, cuz she represents gutter, dirty pussy glamour and luxury, like a crackwhore who lives in a mansion and drinks Champagne and the whole contrast is erotic….

here are the pics…

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