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Miranda Kerr Boring for Mango of the Day

I have grown into becoming a Miranda Kerr fan, when she first hit the scene her weird broad face through me off, but her fit body that was shoved down my throat so many fucking times, made me used to it, and if anything the brainwashing marketing powers of the evil underwear empire, have made me think faces like this are the norm, and every other girl, who has an average width face is a fucking freak…..

But I’m not a fan of this shit for Mango, a shitty clothing line, with shiity products, and even shittier creative direction, for a shitty shoot, that could have had a lot more Miranda Kerr in positions that give me boners, despite being a housewife mom, cuz she’s usually got that spell over me.

It’s Boring. I’m posting it anyway.

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