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Jessica Alba’s Looking Ok in a Bikini for a Mom of the Day

I don’t like celebrating women who spat in the face of their fans and her sex appeal to reproduce for selfish reasons, like locking her husband in. I am more into celebrating women who squirt in the face of their fans for money, but that’s got nothing to do with this post.

I don’t like saying shit like “she’s still got it” cuz she’d be hotter if she never had the kids.

So this whole older, sloppier, her skin hangs off the back of her thighs, her tits sag a little more than when she was in her 20s and not a fucking mom of two, doesn’t get a “PASS” from me, like it does from all the other sites, those pervert virgins would cum if they say a 300 pound bitch in a bikini.

I don’t celebrate – look how much she bounced back and how she’s almost as good as she was – shit.

I say, bitch, at least you’re not fat, and at least you’re in a bikini, cuz that shit is better to look at than clothes, but you are a fraction of what you were, reminding us all that breeding kills women.

Here are a few of the pics I’m not allowed to post.

To see a shit ton of ALba bikini pics from this St Barts Trip go HERE and HERE

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  • The Anesthesiologist

    Jessica alba is Hot as ever!!