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Helen Flanagan in Some Lingerie of the Day

Helen Flanagan has a stupid fucking tattoo. I am guessing she’s a Megan Fox fan, or just some pile of trash who landed work on a Soap Opera, but who is instead modeling half naked, cuz her tits are built for that, but that is still a totally backwards career move, that can only be explained by not being explained, cuz all that matters is staring at this fucking body, who cares about why she’s got that tattoo, or why she’s in underwear, just take in her busty glory and has all her teeth, something that makes her top quality in the UK, cuz usually you get one or the other when it comes to their fuckable bitches.

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  • AntAttack

    Apparently she has bipolar disorder. I’d put my cock in her north pole and her tight south pole.

  • Travis

    Oh fuck, everybody has bipolar ADHD blah blah…
    Just a bunch of scapegoat bullshit…