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Lindsay Lohan Talks Rehab with Letterman of the Day

David Letterman asked Lindsay Lohan about rehab, because I guess he’s at the stage in his career where he doesn’t have to walk on eggshells and avoid questions the publicists outline that he can’t ask when agreeing to do his show, because he’s David Letterman, and it’s his fucking show. Not that Lohan has a publicist, I mean she’s pretty much at the bottom of the barrel, but I still think she’s fantastic, just not quite as fantastic as Letterman taking her to an uncomfortable place, and not pulling back, until he saw he wasn’t getting anymore out of her. I would have been a little happier if this ended in a cocaine fueled fit of rage, with chairs thrown, hair pulled, security called, but everyone kept their composure, even if you can see the war going on in Lohan’s head as she deals.

She’s the best.

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  • Rosarch

    I think she did great on the show, she is kind of awesome.