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LOLZ of the Day

Todays LOLZ of the day is courtesy of Google Streetview.

It features an Australian couple fucking on a BMW, while dude drinks a beer, on the side of the highway, because Australians are a lot of fun, and shit got captured as she waved.

I’ve been saying that between google, with most searches being for “Porn, Pussy, Sex, Vagina”, youtube a google owned property with fetish videos like “Pantyhose toe sucking, bikini squats, etc”, and now google streetview, the shit is the biggest publicly traded porn company around. Not to mention, huge corporations advertise next to their underbelly of SMUT.

What it comes down to is that while google represents the hypocrisy of big business, Australia remains fucking awesome.

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  • AntAttack

    Er, I think this might be fake… That ‘Australian’ woman is almost attractive.

  • haha – seriously – i think google australia staged this viral stunt.

  • This is the shit I was looking for when this first came out.

    All I found back then were a couple of nose pickers and some guy peeing in an alley.

  • Wil

    Ummmmmmmm most Streetview is taken from the roof of a car… so why is she looking UP