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Lacey Banghard Hiding Her Nipples for FHM of the Day

Lacey Banghard is a Glamour Model from the UK, who I am going to assume was not originally named Banghard, but who was clever enough to give herself a stripper name, because that’s probably where the agency looking for topless models found her, which I guess was the lap dance lottery winning ticket, because it led to such great roles like winning Page 3 Idol competition, to NUTS magazine, to Celebrity big brother, I mean she’s really fuckin made it compared to sucking drug dealer dick in a lap dance booth for coke and not compared to actually making it.

Here she is in FHM, not showing tits, because she’s just that famous now, that she doen’t have to degrade herself or objectify herself like that anymore, plus she’s got a banana as a prop to remind us she’s nothin’ but a whore a whore I am a fan of.

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