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Kim Kardashian Creeping on her Teen Sister’s Bikini Body of the Day

Here’s the next generation of Kardashian exploits to make the family more money than they already have with the teen model from the Olympic marriage who isn’t a Kardashian, which in and of itself is a good strategy, because the Kardashian gene may be the root of all obesity and hairy troll evil….but then again it could be the cunt opportunist mom who slept her way to the good life after moving to LA for fame and never finding it…..

So Kendall Jenner’s Creepy, Jealous, Fatter older sisters drooling over her teen undeveloped body- setting the scene for their sister to take their lead and produce porn or become a bikini model to keep the family afloat, so that Kim Kardashian’s porno wasn’t in vain….is kinda awesome when it is in the form of a video of her teen ass in a bikini for the internet.

It’s weird how I don’t get the same love when I take videos of girls tanning at the pool from the same angle, gawking over the fact they have no cellulite, because I am not a jealous 35 year old pig older sister….The video is called “ENVY”….and it is from Kim Kardashian’s social media.

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