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Some Nina Agdal Half Naked Modeling Pics of the DAy

Nina Agdal is some Downs Syndrome looking bitch with an awesome body who you may know from SI, but I’m gonna pretend you know her because of all the great posts of done of her that I steal from various sources around the internet, for no reason other than to say “look at her in this shoot, she looks way less corky, there’s hope for her”…you know commentary that matters, that changes lives, that may one day be published and celebrated like DrunkenStepfather was the manuscript of our generation, even though I know all you care about are the titties….titties strategically being covered up by our friend who doesn’t know we exist, but who I pretend is our friend as to not cheapen this experience, posing some bullshit and by bullshit, I mean the good kind that you can have some masturbation foreplay to…

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