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Ashley Tisdale’s Bikini Body of the Day

All this attention is getting to Ashley Tisdale’s head.

You know recently back burnererd while her cunt friends got all this press for their Spring Breakers bikini wearing bullshit, while she was the one with the body, who took care of herself, and actually worked out, while the others were just lazy fucking pigs about it.

I figure it is because various reports from a source close to her have emailed me telling me they grew up together and that she’s actually 8 years older than she says she is, forcing her to choose clean living and fitness to keep up the lie…a choice that has resulted in a golden body.

Not to mention, her face gets a lot of hate, at least by me, not because I wouldn’t cum all over it, but because I have higher expectations for Hollywood trash who make millions playing make-belief….badly. Forcing her to give the fans something worth jerking off to via squats.

But now that the Scary Movie 5 press has died down, she’s hitting the internet full throttle to get noticed the best way she can….in a bikini.

I mean I could think of at least 1 other way to pull it off, but I figure she’s peaking right now and we’ll have to wait for rock bottom to happen before instigating or launching that exposed vagina campaign.

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  • Michael

    Whoever wrote this post is fuckin’ retarded.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i would have no issue cumming all over that face. till she looked like a human glue stick

  • not impressed

    Who want da woman wiff da skinny legs?