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Penelope Cruz Topless in Her New Movie of the Day

Penelope Cruz and her nose are in a movie called Twice Born, that I guess they are leaking the topeless scene pics from, in order to remind you to go see this movie, because clearly it has a compelling story line, with a Oscar winning cast, that you won’t actually bother seeing, because you’ve seen all that matters….Penelope Cruz’s tits. Not that Penelope Cruz has ever been all that hot, with her nose and all, especially not now that she’s either pregnant or already dropped a kid, but movie titties are movie titties and I am compelled to post them, like I HAVE DONE BEFORE because she’s all european and an Oscar winner who takes acting so seriously that she takes her clothes off…good girl….

I was once compelled to fuck this bitch with a massive nose who thought she looked like Penelope Cruz because she had a tan, I figure if I can’t get the real thing, I might as well fuck girls who think they look like stars, even when they don’t, because it’s as close as I’ll ever get….not that I’m into this shit, but you get what I’m saying, at least I hope you do, because I sure as hell don’t.

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    She was naked in several movies before, and the clips are widely available on the ner, so it’s hardly something we haven’t seen yet.