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Vida Guerra’s Big Booty in a Bikini of the Day

Vida Guerra may be an official nobody, I mean she was a booty before every girl had a booty, early on in the booty game, thanks to some men’s magazines that always promoted her like this was the UK and she wasn’t some gutter off the boat immigrant stealing the white girl’s job.

But 10 years later, she’s still in a bikini, in fact that’s all she’s accomplished, she’s not even a low level reality star, but she’s still got a booty, even if it’s older, dumpier and less fun than it was, because as you may or may not know, that’s how latin girls are built, even the skinny ones.

So maybe this Vida Guerra is a stripper who escaped her destiny like a jew fleeing the holocaust, but what she does is pretty much on par with what the stripper she was supposed to be, same morals and values, and pretty much the same hustle, just a different vehicle and here’s her trashy fat ass in a bikini. I am into it, cuz fat asses are nice to suffocate on.

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