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Selena Gomez Album Promo Shoot of the Day

Selena Gomez is taking her lesbian lover Justin Bieber’s lead and hitting the music scene, with her own album and tour, because she doesn’t need to piggyback on his undeserving success, she’s got her own undeserving success to milk the fuck out of before it is too late…and as far as I’m concerned, she’s already fucking failed.

I mean, she had an opportunity with this album to actually re-invent herself, you know even as a one hit wonder pop tart, she could have branded this shit anyway she wanted to, and instead of doing something hot, or outrageous, or that I could jerk off to like she was Rihanna, she’s in fucking low level catlog looking pics you’d find in a flyer for a local department store. Seriously garbage.

That’s not to say I expected this girl to have a clue as to what was up, but her team should learn how to launch her, package her, and exploit her better. Seriously.

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