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Scarlett Johansson for Marie Claire US of the Day

Scarlett JOhansson is overrated. From Ghost World to fucking whatever bullshit she is in now, she has never impressed me. She got marketed as this hot and glamorous piece, I just thought she was dumpy. I mean sure, she’s got full lips, but thanks to modern fillers and walk in plastic surgery procedures, so does every duck face bitch on the internet. I’m just not impressed, but I guess she takes a good picture, if you’re into fat, dumpy chicks with decent faces and good lips, who have won the lottery that is life, despite not really deserving it, because they have a personality of a brick wall, only with less texture and stability….maybe her personality is more of a pile of rotting vegetables in a compost heap, but then again I don’t know her, I just see pics of her, and know her body is.

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  • cowbulls

    There is always a place for a pretty face and great tits attached to an OK body.