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Maria Fowler for Loaded of the Day

I am not from the UK, but I have a friend I try to masturbate on Cam from the UK, who always talks to me in her classy british way, despite being a gutter slut, which is a whole new dynamic for me, because I’m used to gutter sluts having the vocabulary of a 7 year old, because that’s when they were taken out of school by their dad to work the farm as the vagina the workers had sex with, or whatever other fantasy I created for her to make loving her down and out ass at a discount rate guilt free.

So this Maria Fowler, in her underwear is clearly trashy, classy british girls don’t do this kind of thing, I mean Mary Poppins would never, but I am sure she sounds like an intellectual and angel when she talks, giving her a little depth to her tits.

So Who she is really doesn’t matter, just look at her pics, that’s what she wants you to do.

Classy. Like the Royal Family and shit.

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